Impact in the 2020 Elections

In the midst of a pandemic that continues to claim lives and livelihoods, despite every effort to keep us from voting and election officials from counting, through every legal challenge and anti-democratic maneuver, we persevered.

Moreover, young people emerged with a renewed sense of our power and purpose.

We came together as voters in record numbers to deliver a democracy where everyone counts, no exceptions.




In 2020, Blue Future:

  • Called 650,000+ voters
  • Trained 250+ youth organizers in political and community organizing
  • Recruited thousands of volunteers for 53 state & federal campaigns
  • Invested over $300,000 directly in the pockets of youth organizers
  • Invested over $40,000 to support local organizing in Georgia for the runoff elections
  • Donated over $30,000 to frontline racial justice organizations and community bail funds